FAQ - Answers to the most common questions

We want to clarify the most common questions here. If your question is not in the FAQ yet please send it to us by using the contact form.

FAQ List

What if I already have completed an Aqua Lung seminar?

The seminars of Aqua Lung have to be repeated every 2 years for each product. So if your certificate is older than 2 years you do not have the permission for servicing regulators or BCD's anymore. Please have a look into "why do I need a certificate".

Can my employees also receive a certificate?

You can set the process of every course back to start. With this, your employees can work through the seminar as well. The employees are allowed to work under your supervision. It is possible to certificate up to 3 employees per course. The certificate of the employees is valid for the company of the owner of the course only. A transfer of the certification to another company is possible - but only by making an agreement with Aqua Lung.

Why do I need a certificate?

Only certified technicians have the permission for servicing AQUA LUNG and APEKS regulators and BCD`s. Due to the work on equipment of the third PSA class (personal protective gear) the proof has to be brought that the training was carried out on a special equipment and it was not a general training on all equipment of the manufacturer. You will receive the certificate as a proof after the successful completion of the training.

I'm not an AQUA LUNG Pro Shop yet. What do I have to do now?

The AQUA LUNG Online Academy is only available for AQUA LUNG Pro Shop specialized dealers, athorized service points and diving centres. As the leading manufacturer of diving equipment and for reasons of product liability we have high standards. These standards shall ensure that products of the AQUA LUNG group will only be offered to customers by well skilled staff in a suitable framework.

Please use our contact form or write an E-Mail to aqg-info[at]aqualung.com. Our Employees will get in touch with you immediately.

What do I get after the registration?

The courses of the Online Academy are including movies, technical documents, current technical drawings and technicale notes. After the purchase all documents are available for two years. You will also receive all relevant information about technical product changes.

Who can participate in the seminars?

All Aqua Lung PRO Shops can participate in the Online Academy after the registration process. PRO Shop customers are authorized dealers who are specialised on diving goods. For registering in the Online Academy you need your customer number and the e-mail adress which is the same as in the Aqua Lung customer base.